Intermittent fasting is one of the most informative films of modern times. It is designed to teach, challenge, and evoke serious critic on the practice of fasting. Irrespective of our different cultural backgrounds, we all have had a chance to experience or witness fasting. This age-old practice of denying oneself food and other comforts has a lot of benefits beyond the more common one of religious piety.
The movie addresses the benefits and challenges of fasting as providing guidelines for doing it safely, all of which is critical information for anyone interested in the exercise. One of the key take-homes from the movie is the fact that fasting can be used effectively to deal with issues like weight loss.
Another reason to watch this film is to equip yourself with the knowledge of effective fasting. In the movie, various fasting techniques are discussed, which are suitable for different purposes. I firmly believe that after watching the movie, you will be better placed to choose the most suitable fasting technique for your intended use.
The movie also enlightens the audience on new ways in which fasting can be applied effectively as an intervention to medical and eating disorders. This kind of information can be particularly useful for persons seeking alternative solutions to this kind of problem. Lastly, the oldest reason to watch the movie is the oldest reason in the book, entertainment. In this respect, the film has achieved this through fun facts that keep getting unraveled throughout the movie as well as the engaging tone adopted through out the film.

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