What Are Body Weight Exercises & How Does it Help The Body
What Are Body Weight Exercises & How Does it Help The Body

Tired of not being able to control your body weight and don't want to visit a gym? It is not a must you go to the gym to exercise your body. There are plenty of exercises that can make your body flexible and have balance. Let's talk about these exercises and see how they can help.

Rope Jump

This should be the warm-up. Jumping a rope has a lot of advantages to the body. All that you need for this exercise is to have a nice rope you can purchase one or you a home-made one.

This will perform the same function as the cardio machines of the gym. Rope jumping will help burn calories and lose weight. It will also help improve your body balance.


Squats are very vital for your lower body. Many people think that squats are done in the gym because of weights and machines. You can do squats at your home compound and feel the effect. Squats are good for body strength and improving body balance.


This is another exercise for the lower body that can help burn calories and keep you fit. Lunches will improve your body balance. Your upper body should be straight as you chin up. Let one of your legs step up as the other knee almost touches down but make sure it doesn’t touch the floor.