What Is Cardio & How Does it Help The Body
There are a lot of workout routines that people can utilize to improve their health. There is a lot of talk about cardio, and people that engage in cardio workouts certainly improve their cardiovascular health.

Cardio is short for cardiovascular. When people are getting this type of work out they are working their heart muscle. It is a vigorous exercise regiment that involves movement that accelerates the heart rate. People that engage in cardio workouts are able to get healthier and possibly lose weight because they are burning a lot of fat.

The cardiovascular workout is something that helps people burn a lot of calories during a single session. It is different from other exercises like yoga or weight lifting. With the cardio workout people are going to sweat. They are going to get their heart pumping faster, and this is going to result in better blood circulation throughout their body.

Some people have referenced the cardio workout as a full body workout because it requires people to utilize everything the arm and leg muscles. The heart muscle and abdomen muscles also go to work. Sweat rains down in rapid succession as calories are burned and heart activity is heightened.